bill hicks

'brother bill' in the bravecaptain track 'fucking sunday' is - you guessed it - bill hicks

bill hicks

the american comedian bill hicks did his first gig aged 13 and his last shortly before his death at 32.

he regularly completed 250 gigs per year in that time, ever keen to spread his message to as wide an audience as possible.

"i love bill hicks," martin begins. if i were to have a hero then it would be bill hicks and only bill hicks. i love his intelligence, his reason, and, of course, his humour.

"life is so simple if we could just work together in equality and for the common good, hicks knew this and the fact that our world works the opposite way was a constant mystery to him.

"the long awaited biography by cynthia true tells the story of his life from his birth in georgia in 1961 right through to his heartbreaking death in 1994 from pancreatic cancer. whether you like hicks or not, the book is a must."


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