people, places and records that have influenced bravecaptain

this section is split in two. the first provides the background behind the people and places mentioned in bravecaptain and boo radleys tracks, whilst the second looks at some of the records martin has listened to which have influenced the music he's made. tip: check the funnels on the right of each page for links...

bravecaptain influences
bernard sumner barney (...and me)
bill hicks fucking sunday
charles bukowski charles bukowski is dead
claude francois adieu clo clo
deirdre o'donoghue californian skies
eddie izzard bloke in a dress
henry kissinger kissinger
huey newton free huey
huskisson street go with yourself
jack kerouac memory babe
lulu it's lulu
new brighton promenade new brighton promenade
richard brautigan fosters van / all watched over by machines of loving grace

bravecaptain record box
aphex twin richard d james
bob dylan highway 61 revisited
dinosaur jr yr living all over me
human league dare
jesus and mary chain psycocandy
public enemy it takes a nation of millions to hold us back

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