bob dylan highway 61 revisted

bob dylan
'highway 61 revisted'


dylan's sixth album, featuring 'like a rolling stone' and 'highway 61 revisited'. a bravecaptain version of the track was recorded for the american website


bob dylan

"i first heard this around 1985 when i was 16. my dad is a dylan man and i was chosen to follow in his footsteps.

"i had been listening to a couple of earlier albums since i had been 13, 'times they are a changin' and 'the freewheelin' bob dylan' which i loved. we also had a copy of 'blonde on blonde' in the house which i never understood until i heard 'highway 61' and 'bringing it all back home'.

"during that sixties period he was moving so fast that if you missed one album the next one would sound like a different artist altogether.

"almost everyone i know hates everything he's done. it's always been a surprise, the vitriol people save for ranting about dylan and, to be fair, there isn't much, post 'blonde on blonde' that interests me but at the time he was the coolest guy that walked the earth and this album is the greatest album ever made.

"the sound is made up of drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano and organ. the singing is his best ever.

"i did a version of the song 'highway 61 revisited' for an american website. i wanted to replicate the spirit of bob dylan then and bring it forward thirty years. i wouldn't do him the dishonour of playing it straight."


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bob dylan highway 61 revisited