charles bukowski

the boo radleys track 'charles bukowski is dead' was recorded around the time charles bukowski died

charles bukowski

american writer again connected with the beat generation, though a little less so that jack kerouac and richard brautigan.

bukowski's works were often published by small independent presses, and for some time could be difficult to find.
his short stories and poetry is often unsparingly realistic and often comic.

in 1955 bukowski almost died when an alcohol-induced bleeding ulcer left him hospitalised. upon release he began prolifically writing poetry, the results of which are now held in the highest regard.

bukowski died in march 1994 aged 73 after a year long battle with luekemia.

"'charles bukowski is dead' was written around the time he died. i had spent the day in the studio with dave baker from mercury rev where i was producing some songs for his album alongside the reverend wendy wilkinson aka bearded lady, boo engineer and, for an insance time, live keyboard player. real name andrew wilkinson.

"that night i had got drunk at the good mixer in camden. i don't know if all the people mentioned in the song were there that night but they are andy saunders (creation press officer), adam franklin (of swervedriver), katelijne de backer (mtv producer), sarah schofield (manager), mark bowen (mate, creation a&r, now wichita slavedriver) and keith cameron (mate, nme)."


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charles bukowski