dinsosaur jr

dinosaur jr
'yr living all over me'


released in 1987 'yr living all over me' was the second of dinosaur jr's six albums, and it featured the single 'little furry things'.


dinosaur jr

"in 1987 i bought a single called 'repulsion' by a band named dinosaur. i think i bought it for the sleeve but what a great fuckin' record.

"i had never heard anyone sing quite like that before, a bit like neil young being strangled and the guitars were really loud and heavy. we were really into guitars then but they always seemed a bit weedy. j mascis was and is the best guitar player i have ever watched.

"anyway i didn't hear anything about them again until tim found this album in liverpool somewhere. he had a cd player, the first one i had seen and this album was the first cd we owned, i think this may have been a few months after it came out, i can't remember the dates. they had added jr to their name as well at this point which we thought was well cool.

"it was the first time we heard guitar solos that we liked and everything kinda fell into place with what we wanted to do after we heard this and 'isn't anything' by my bloody valentine. we had a blueprint."


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