henry kissinger

a track on the bravecaptain album 'advertisments for myself' is called 'kissinger'

henry kissinger

the german dr henry alfred kissinger was us secretary of state from 1973 to 1977. in '73 kissinger was joint winner of the nobel peace prize for his involvement in negociations for a ceasefire in vietnam.

as martin explains, his interest in kissinger is for quite different reasons:

"i have known about kissinger since i was a small boy in the seventies and he was secretary of state for the nixon administration. he was always portrayed as a benign man, interested only in peace even winning the nobel peace prize.

"in truth the man is a bloodthirsty warmonger whose only interest were in himself and his position.

"this book lays out not just one but five counts of war crimes against kissinger, all based on absolute fact. christopher hitchens is a wonderful writer and the pages are filled with wit and warmth."


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