alan williams

huskisson street is mentioned in the bravecaptain track 'go with yourself'.

the picture above is of the former beatles manager alan williams.


huskisson street

in the mid-90s martin lived in a large edwardian house in huskisson street close to liverpool city centre. martin lived on the ground floor, with tim boo on the floor above, and above him steve wood who later became the boo radleys' sleeve designer.

the house was owned by beryl williams, wife of alan williams who had managed the beatles for a period in their early career.

huskisson street is mentioned in 'go with yourself' but the connections don't end there, as martin explains:

"steve wood and i shared a love of the beat poets and the whole greenwhich village scene, which seems a bit obvious now.

"he lent me a book called 'lives and loves of greenwich village', written by a guy called maxwell bodenheim in the early part of the last century.

"i have no idea what it was about but i was sufficiently enamoured by it to recognise the author in the title of a track on 'ichabod and i'.

"i do not have a clue as to how the song goes, or what the words are."


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huskisson street