jack kerouac

memory babe

the boo radleys album track 'memory babe' is named after a kerouac biography


jack kerouac

kerouac, an american writer, coined the term 'beat generation' to label a 1950s social and literary movement of which he became the leading chronicler.

he became famous for his unconventional and spontanious prose, in particular with the classic 'on the road', which he followed up with a series of thematically and structurally similar novels.

his loosely structured autobiographical works illustrate a life with warm but stormy relationships and a deep social disillusionment.

martin was "never a massive kerouac fan but loved memory babe", a jack kerouac biography.

the track 'memory babe' appeared on 'ichabod and i' by the boo radleys.


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jack kerouac