jesus and mary chain psychocandy

jesus and mary chain


released in november 1985, 'psychocandy' was the mary chain's debut album and featured singles 'you trip me up' and 'just like honey'

jesus and mary chain

"this was my punk rock, i thought they were the coolest band. dressed in black, not pretty, spector/surf songs about being young (though they weren't and they lied about how old they were which made me love 'em more) and misunderstood with a backdrop of screaming noise and feedback.

"i was seventeen and i had been waiting for this album my whole life. 'you trip me up' is one of the best videos ever. bobby gillespie was the drummer then and the video was him, jim and william and the bass player douglas hart (who shot the videos for 'the finest kiss and 'everybird') wandering round some spanish (?) beach in the blazing sun dressed in black leather, half heartedly miming with huge guitars. oh god, i loved 'em.

"i didn't see them play until 1987 in liverpool. they were fucking crap."


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