richard brautigan

in 1967 richard brautigan wrote a poem called 'all watched over by machines of loving grace'

in 2004 bravecaptain wrote an album called 'all watched over by machines of loving grace'


richard brautigan

american writer who moved to san fransico aged 20 in 1955 and became involved in the 'beat' movement as defined by jack kerouac, another bravecaptain influence.

his poetry and novels were often viewed as controversial, and in 1978 five of his works were banned by union hills high school in northern california.

brautigan committed suicide in his home in bolinas, california in 1984.

the track 'foster's van' from the 'boo! up ep' was insprired by his book 'the abortion: a 1966 historical romance'.

"that is one of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors," says martin.

"i thought that 'foster's van' was one of the chapter headings. later i realised i was thinking out of my arse."


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richard brautigan